Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Google SMS Channel Subscription

***** SMS Channels are no more supported by Google :-( *****

Google has really brought lot of cool stuff other than Google Search, GMail, GTalk etc. If you're interested in a topic, you can search them in Google Directory:SMS Channels.

Q : What does these SMS Channel do?
They will send SMS to you for a free of cost, from your subscribed channels.

Q: What is a SMS Channel?
SMS Channel is a information broadcaster which takes inputs and send output SMS to subscribed users.

Q: From where it takes inputs?
A New Google SMS Channel is free and it can take inputs from 4 medium
1. Blogger
2. Google News
3. Google Groups
4. Any RSS Feed.

If you dont find any interesting SMS Channels, you can create one for free!!.

Change your Country's domain for your location specific SMS Channels.

You need to register your mobile number to Google before trying everything. For this, Login with you google account and go to Settings.


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