Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coorg Trip

Was on a trip to Coorg for 4 days. Time and again nature proved thats she is beautiful and wild than anything.

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Places visited
Tibetian Monastery - A typically built monastery maintained by Tibetians. This is the largest Tibetian settlement outside Tibet and its said that this land was given for free by Mysore king for a 100 year tenure.

Bamboo Forest - Totally green!! and surrounded by elastic sound of bamboo. At the backyard it has big stream of Kaveri river flowing with heavy audio effect. You need atleast 3 hrs to visit and relax in this place.

Abby Falls - Wild one!. It was rainy when we visited and waterfalls was flowing sandy water. The falls was broad with medium height, but the sound was enormous.

Elephant Dubare - Elephants are elegant. They were taking bath on Kaveri basin during our visit. There were totally 27 elephants maintained in that area. River crafting and boating was allowed there, unfortunately river crafting was cancelled due to rain.