Thursday, February 05, 2009

Controlling bubbles in your fish tank

I'm having a pair of golden fish and was able to notice lot of bubbles earlier. I read a lot in internet and everybody asked to load an Oxygen motor, But I dont want to spoil the neat look of my spherical bowl. So, I bought an aquatic plant of around 10 cm long and just dropped them into my bowl, the problem got solved!

Now, they are roaming around the plant and enjoying it. No artificial thing required for fish, they just go with nature.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

iTextSharp Table Column Width

iTextSharp is a nice PDF Library (Freeone) used for working with PDF Rendering in Web Application Programming. I used it for allowing my website to save content as PDF.

I found it very difficult at first for setting widths of individual columns of a table created from iTextSharp. But, its actually a pretty simple thing.

Code - 

Dim intTblWidth() As Integer = {12, 10, 26, 10}

In the first line, intTblWidth is an integer array denoting my four columns of the table. In the second line, we map the integer array to the table column width which is mapped automatically one by one. Pretty simple Huh?